Anti-aging, wear-resistant industrial casters are optimizing our lives




There is a class of people who seem to be ordinary. But without him, there will be a lot of inconvenience. This kind of person is the kind of person who is passionate and likes to help others.Industrial castersIt is such a kind of ordinary but mundane existence. Industrial casters with rotating gears can be rotated 360° horizontally and are very flexible.


This industrial caster with rotating device optimizes your life as a neglected figure. For example, the trunk that can be erected, the office chair that can be rotated freely, the supermarket trolley that can be turned freely, and the hospital wheelchair have flexible universal wheels. Did everyone ignore this little universal wheel, and did not expect a small wheel that would bring so much convenience to our lives.


Different types of universal wheels have been installed under the new generation of office chairs, and lifting devices have been added. It breaks the monotonous stereotype of the traditional office, and it is closer to life and leisure. It creates a relaxed atmosphere and has no sense of oppression, making the office staff feel more comfortable and comfortable.


I hope that our designers will dig out the flexibility of this caster step by step, apply it to life, and add more vitality to life. However, if this small caster is damaged, it will bring you endless troubles.


The industrial casters of Xiangshan Tongzhou Plastic Products Co., Ltd. have three major advantages:


一:Anti-aging, strong wear resistance, anti-aging, wear resistance is more than twice that of conventional materials


二、100% rubberized to reduce your degumming troubles,


三、Experience. With more than ten years of experience in the processing and production of polyurethane products, we can provide high quality products, imported materials and advanced equipment to create the most ideal polyurethane manufacturer.


四、Quality Assurance: Our company promises that each wheel provided is tested by layers to ensure that the rubber of the wheel has a one-year warranty under normal use.


五、Systematic service


1.Confirm parameters

We will provide the model or picture of the regular product, if the product is a special OEM product: we will provide drawings or samples of the product.


2.Customized quotes.

We will provide the necessary information on the products and provide high quality and competitive prices within 12 hours.


3.Mass production.

Our regular product production typically lasts for 20 days, while custom products have a production cycle of 30 days. (Note: Customized products need to be confirmed first, then mass production).


4.After sales service.

Our products have a strong after-sales guarantee for one year warranty. If you have any questions about the use of the products, please feel free to contact us or visit our factory.