Classification of casters


一,Casters can be divided into:
Automobile industry casters, medical casters, food industry casters, textile industry casters, furniture casters, shopping cart casters, airport industry casters, etc., industrial casters are also widely used.
1.The medical casters are special casters that meet the requirements of the hospital for light weight, flexible steering, high elasticity, special ultra-quiet, good wear resistance, anti-winding and chemical resistance.

3.The casters of the supermarket are specially developed to meet the mobile needs of the supermarket shelves and the need for the shopping cart to be light and flexible.
4.Furniture casters are mainly used to meet the needs of furniture with low center of gravity and high load bearing.
二、Casters can be divided into: according to the rotation structure:
Activities and fixed casters. The movable caster, commonly known as the universal wheel, has a structure that allows 360-degree rotation; the fixed caster has no rotating structure and cannot be rotated. Usually, the two casters are generally used together. For example, the structure of the trolley is the front two fixed wheels, and the rear side is close to the push armrests are two movable universal wheels.
三、According to the material of the casters, it can be divided into:
Super artificial rubber casters, polyurethane casters, plastic casters, nylon casters, steel casters, high temperature casters, rubber casters, S-type artificial casters and so on.
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