Why should we recognize the quality of polyurethane casters when purchasing furniture?


According to the different load-bearing capacity of polyurethane casters, polyurethane caster products can also be divided into light polyurethane casters, heavy-duty polyurethane casters, etc., but in general, furniture polyurethane caster products are mostly light polyurethane casters, because furniture polyurethane casters have limited load-bearing capacity, heavy The materials of polyurethane casters are generally based on polymer materials such as polyurethane. Nowadays, the stainless steel polyurethane casters in the polyurethane caster market are all polished, and the factors that affect the polishing effect are mainly the surface defects of the raw materials, the raw material materials are not good, or the products after deep drawing, users are considering buying furniture Polyurethane casters still need to be treated with caution.


Furniture polyurethane casters are now also one of the best-selling items in the polyurethane caster market.According to different uses, they are divided into industrial polyurethane casters, medical polyurethane casters, and ordinary polyurethane casters.The stainless steel material is a composite material, which combines the qualities of metal and Advantages, furniture polyurethane casters are durable and lightweight, and at the same time have a good operating experience, so now the field of use is getting wider and wider.

However, in order to make better use of the advantages of furniture polyurethane casters, we also need to pay attention to some issues when selecting polyurethane casters. First of all, when choosing furniture polyurethane casters, consider the actual situation, including the specific use environment.The advantages of furniture polyurethane casters are obvious.It is resistant to weak corrosive media such as air and water, but the corrosion resistance of different types of stainless steel is not In the same way, if the furniture polyurethane casters are used in a strongly chemically corrosive environment, it is better to be able to choose those acid-resistant materials that are stainless.