What are the application of nylon wheels?


Combined with the characteristics of nylon wheel products, nylon wheel products have a wide range of applications in the field of grinding and polishing. According to the material, it can be used for the surface treatment of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, titanium alloy, cast iron, carbon steel and other metals.

Comparing the stacking wheel with the winding wheel, the application is also quite different. Compared with the winding wheel, the cutting force of the stacking wheel is stronger and more economical, and the installation is convenient, but the line pattern is thicker, the gloss and the life are not as good as the winding wheel. It is mainly used for sanding applications that have certain requirements on the surface but are not very demanding. The winding wheel has finer, brighter and better life, and is mainly used for deburring and fine surface treatment. The use of the tightening wheel needs to be matched with the flange installation and the equipment, so there are certain requirements for the equipment.
Classified by specific application, the main applications of nylon wheels are listed as follows:
1. Metal products such as stainless steel knives, cutlery, and thermos cups
2. Handling of precious metals such as watch accessories, case straps, jewelry, etc.
3. Surface treatment of golf club and ball head
4. Deburring the surface of metal castings
5. Construction hardware, hinges and locks
6. Hardware lighting products and accessories
7. Polished aluminum bicycle frame rim
8. Brushed VCD panel and mobile phone shell
9. Hardware bathroom products
10. Brushed surface treatment of electroplated products
11. Deburring of aluminum heat sink
12. The surface of stainless steel pipe steel strip
13. Metal medical devices
14. Deburring of automobile wheels


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