What are the main advantages of using cast nylon wheels?


What are the main advantages of using cast nylon wheels?
1. Light weight
The density of cast nylon wheels is generally 1.15~1.16, which is only 1/7 of steel 7.8, 1/8 of copper 8.9, and 1/2.5 of aluminum alloy 2.7. Because of its light weight, when used as a mechanical material, it can reduce unnecessary strength and power of parts, and can reduce the motion inertia, and it is also very light in loading and unloading and maintenance.
2. Low noise
The modulus of molded nylon is much smaller than that of metal, and its vibration attenuation rate is dozens of times greater than that of steel. It has attractive function. Therefore, when the wheels are made of cast nylon, the low noise is a more economical and practical way to prevent mechanical noise. For example: cast nylon gears can reduce noise by 10 to 15 dB compared to steel gears.
3. Good mechanical properties
Cast nylon products have high mechanical strength, good toughness, impact resistance and fatigue resistance. Cast nylon is crystallized below its melting point (220 degrees) and has a large molecular weight, so its mechanical strength is much greater than ordinary nylon and nylon products, especially with better creep resistance, so it can withstand the weight of the bearing for a long time. load.
4. Good resilience
Molded nylon products can prevent the curved surface from deforming, which can maintain the toughness to resist the fracture caused by repeated impact loads. At this time, the parts used to withstand high impact loads are very necessary.
5. With wear resistance and self-lubricating
When casting nylon products are generally used under light load and low speed, no additional lubricant is needed. The wear characteristic of nylon is that it is slightly worn at the beginning of use, and it is rarely worn out after a stage of running-in. Unlike metal materials, the wear also increases proportionally with the use time. In addition, the friction coefficient of cast nylon is also very small, the pressure per unit area is in the range of 0.98~6.87mpa, and the friction coefficient is 0.3~0.4. Moreover, since the hardness of the cast nylon is much smaller than that of the metal, it is not easy to damage the abrasive parts, which is very beneficial for the use of rollers, bearings, bushings, wheels, wheel linings, etc.
6. Non-adhesive
The cast elevator nylon wheel has the property that it is not easy to bond with other materials and can be used for lifting buckets and other purposes, but it also has the disadvantage that it is difficult to find a suitable adhesive.