What are the excellent properties of guided nylon wheels?


In addition to steering MC nylon wheels, the steering wheel should have the performance of keeping a straight line when steering is not needed, which is the stability of the steering wheel (the stability of the wheel and the positioning of the wheel, the lateral elasticity of the tire, The friction force of the steering mechanism, the structural type of the steering mechanism, etc. are related to each other. The stability of the wheel is mainly the use of the ground and the various counteracting forces on the wheel relative to the stable torque formed by the steering knuckle axis.

The steering wheel mainly uses the ground and the various reaction forces to the wheel are compared to the stable moment formed by the steering link and the shaft. The guide wheel has the advantages of good wear resistance and long service life.
Excellent performance of guided nylon wheels:
1. Good wear resistance and long service life, about 4 times that of cast steel wheels;
2. Self-lubricating, has a protective effect on the wire rope;
3. Reduce noise and vibration;
4. Light weight, small transmission inertia, convenient construction and low freight
5. Anti-corrosion and insulation;
6. Wide operating temperature range