Industrial casters must be able to adapt to a variety of different road surfaces


Although the casters are only an auxiliary tool for carrying goods, there are often many different road surfaces when the items are transported. Especially as an industrial caster, it must be highly adaptable. For some goods, In addition to moving indoors, there are many that need to be moved outdoors.
Compared with outdoor, the road surface is relatively complicated, and now there are often factories that are also cement roads, but it is because of this kind of road surface, so it is necessary to require the wheels of the casters to have high wear resistance. It doesn't have to be in the process of use, and it doesn't take long for the tires to be worn out.
In addition, it must have a certain degree of shock absorption. If the requirements of the shock absorption are not met, and when the object is transported outdoors, it will often be greatly damaged by the vibration, so the industrial casters It is necessary to be able to achieve a lot of adaptation. In fact, the trolley made of casters is also a small vehicle.