How to distinguish nylon wheel and plastic wheel by material


Some industrial caster manufacturers use low-priced materials instead of high-priced materials to increase revenue. For example, the color and appearance of nylon wheels and plastic wheels are very similar; there are some ways to distinguish them. Here is the most common material identification method - combustion method. It is mainly distinguished by the flame color, the smell of smoke, and the ashes after burning.
First, the burning method.
1. Nylon (PA): It is not easy to burn. It has the smell of burning charcoal when burning. The surface after burning has a bubbling shape and has a sticky filament shape.
2. High temperature nylon PA: The burning condition is the same as above, but there is white powder on the surface after burning.
3, polyurethane (PU): easy to burn, burning light white smoke, easy to melt, no irritating odor, sticky silky.
Second, the identification of nylon wheel and plastic wheel
1. The color of the finished nylon wheel is light yellow or milky white, and the polymer material has strong mechanical strength, such as the strength of metal materials. The easiest way to identify is to use a heavy object. If the wheel is hard enough, it is a nylon wheel. Conversely, if it is very soft, it is a plastic wheel;
2, plastic casters, scratched on white paper, leaving a deep scratch is the plastic wheel, and there is no nylon wheel;
3. The quality of the plastic wheel is poor, the bearing capacity is small, and the plastic wheel for large equipment will have a lot of troubles;
4. The service life of the plastic wheel is short, and the nylon wheel has a long service life;