Why use industrial casters




The invention of the wheel is no less than the four inventions of China. At first it was only to save energy and facilitate the movement of heavy objects. As the human development continued, the requirements for the wheels increased, and later changed from the wheels to the current industry. Casters, it is better and more convenient for us to use.



In a certain period of time, it is much easier to carry and move objects, but the wheels can only run in a straight line. It is still very difficult to change the direction when carrying a large object. Later, people invented the wheel with the steering structure. It is what we call the activity wheel (the universal wheel), which is called the "caster". The emergence of industrial casters has brought an epoch-making revolution to people's handling, especially moving objects. It can be easily transported and moved in any direction, greatly improving efficiency.


The existence of industrial casters brings great convenience to people's lives. We all know that wheels can alleviate people's load, and it is more convenient to carry them. However, it is more troublesome for ordinary wheels to move forward or backward. The diversity of caster features now perfectly solve this problem.


With the continuous development of modern technology, industrial casters have been involved in all walks of life, according to the needs of different industries, constantly inventing a variety of casters to adapt to the current environment, so industrial casters have become indispensable parts.