Industrial casters talk about operation and bearing precautions


In real life, we can see industrial casters everywhere, homes, companies, hotels, supermarkets, even on the road you will see industrial casters; industrial casters are already ordinary things, constantly integrated into our lives The following will tell you about the caster handling precautions and other safety issues.
Industrial caster operation notes:
1, gently take care to avoid bumping damage in the middle;
2. According to the load capacity of the casters, the maximum load cannot be exceeded;
3, according to the use of product guidance, to avoid the use of high-speed damage;
4. Avoid collision during operation to ensure normal operation between wheels and equipment;
Industrial casters safety bearing precautions:
1. When the industrial caster operating environment is relatively special, not only should the corresponding casters be selected, but also a reasonable design structure should be provided to increase the impact resistance.
2. The most common installation mode of industrial casters is four-wheel type. When the impact of the casters is small, that is, the ground conditions are good, you can bear the total weight of the four casters in the cargo shipment or equipment movement. One hundred and thirty choices.
3. In places with poor ground conditions, most of them require three casters to bear the full weight, and one caster is suspended. In this case, the load is calculated according to the three wheels, and the maximum limit of three wheels is not exceeded. Otherwise, it will affect the normal operation of the casters.
    The use of industrial casters makes it easier to transport items in our lives, especially the movement of large items not only reduces labor costs, but also facilitates our use. Therefore, the use of industrial casters is convenient for us, but we must also use it reasonably to enable the casters to exert greater value.