If you choose a mute effect industrial casters




Recently, many customers' industrial casters have been completely silent. This is also understandable. The mute-effect industrial casters have a flexible surface, so they have the effect of noise reduction and quietness during operation, while reducing ground friction, which is especially suitable for use in environments with quiet needs. The following is a detailed description of the mute effect of the industrial casters.



The so-called silent industrial casters refer to soft casters with elastic straps, such as rubber casters, artificial rubber casters, and polyurethane casters. The biggest advantage of this kind of industrial casters is that the noise is small and the interference is small. The use of silent casters in public places is extremely extensive, such as supermarkets and shopping malls.


Although silent industrial casters are popular in the living industry. However, it is not optimistic in industrial production. This is because the friction coefficient between the mute caster and the ground is large and the contact area is large, which is often difficult to push when the load is high. In other words, the ability to load a silent industrial caster is limited.


In summary, customers should purchase casters according to their own needs, instead of blindly thinking that silent casters are the only evaluation criteria, especially in industries that require heavy load capacity, and should carefully mute industrial casters.