Material selection for heavy industrial casters


Nowadays, domestic casters are complicated and varied. They are especially important when selecting heavy-duty casters. Because heavy-duty casters are generally loaded with large objects, the selection of casters is especially important; in order to avoid the casters themselves, Unnecessary property damage to goods and safety, so it is important to choose a good heavy-duty caster product, and this depends on a manufacturer with strict quality control.
First, what is a heavy duty caster:
Heavy-duty casters refer to casters with relatively large load capacity. They are classified according to the load-bearing capacity of casters. They are classified as light-weight casters and medium-sized casters. There is no clear limit. Generally, high-load casters are called heavy-duty casters.
Second, heavy caster wheel material selection:
Heavy-duty casters are used for heavy-duty equipment movements, so the wheels of heavy-duty casters typically use a hard tread single wheel. Among them, forged steel wheels and polyurethane caster wheels are especially suitable for the wheels of extra heavy duty casters.
Polyurethane casters perform better in terms of wear resistance and sewage resistance. They are characterized by protection of the floor, flexible rotation, quiet rotation, no wheel printing, impact resistance, wear resistance, good waterproof performance and chemical corrosion resistance. Suitable for high-end machines or floors that are easily damaged indoors; and places where the environment is relatively harsh. It is mostly used in environmental protection and dust-free industries. The friction coefficient of polyurethane on the ground is relatively small, so the noise coefficient is low during use, and it has become the first choice for many environmental protection industries.