Design brings new impetus to the development of industrial casters


Due to the extensive production and management mode and the development model of the production of casters, the industrial caster industry has always been called “labor-intensive industry” and “the first environmental pollution”. Today, when the creativity is popular, the industrial caster industry seems to have a stagnant water, and it is difficult to make a little wave.
But in the recent situation, the industrial caster industry is being changed. We were pleasantly surprised to find that branded casters, such as light casters, heavy-duty casters, and automotive industries, are experiencing an increasingly fierce wave of innovation.
There are no simple formulas or rules to follow when designing industrial casters, but industrial casters must balance many different and personal factors.
Enterprises take creativity as the driving force and deeply explore the driving force of enterprise development. Behind this kind of industry dynamics, the ultimate benefit is not only the production and sales of industrial casters, but also the vast majority of consumers. It can be said that more and more industrial casters "creative market", the traditional situation of the survival of the casters in the past, led the industrial caster industry to a new era of independent innovation.