Industrial caster inspection method


Industrial casters are a kind of parts that are used in many industries. Its existence plays a very important role. Therefore, we must regularly troubleshoot industrial casters. The specific methods are as follows:
1. If the caster casters are loose or the industrial casters are stuck, it will cause wear and tear. Regularly check and repair the industrial casters, especially check the tightness of the bolts, the amount of lubricating oil, and replace the damaged industrial casters to enhance the rolling performance of the industrial casters. Rotation flexibility.
2. Check if the bearings of the industrial casters are damaged. If you often encounter industrial casters being entangled in debris, it is recommended that customers assemble anti-covers to avoid them.
3. After checking the repairing industrial casters, make sure that the bolts and nuts are tightened. Use lock washers or locknuts on all bolts as much as possible. If the wheel inside the bracket is loose, the wheel will be damaged or cannot be rotated.
4. Serious damage or slackening of rubber tires may lead to rolling instability, abnormal air leakage load and damage to the bottom plate, etc. Replacement of damaged tires and bearings in time can reduce the cost loss caused by the work of the casters.
5. Regularly add lubricating oil to the bearings of industrial casters. In the places where friction is easy to occur, such as wheel cores, thrust washers, and roller bearings, the surface of the roller should be lubricated to reduce friction and make it more flexible and convenient to use.