Standard use environment for industrial casters


They are also industrial casters. Some casters will not rust for a long time, and some casters will be rusted after being bought and used for a few days. They cannot be used. What is going on here? In fact, most of the casters are rusty, and most of them are related to its environment. Here is the relevant knowledge for everyone.
Numerous studies have shown that water and oxygen are the main causes of rust in industrial casters. In a humid environment, the water volatilizes in the air and chemically reacts with the appearance of the industrial casters to form an oxide film, commonly known as caster rust. The rust of the caster is brownish red, the density is small, the volume is large, and it is easy to fall off. If not handled in time, the entire industrial caster may be rusted and become a chip.
So, since you know the cause of the rusting of industrial casters, what should you do to avoid such situations? Casters are best used and stored in a dry place. If you are unable to change the environment due to environmental problems, you can apply a layer of paint on the exterior of the industrial casters. Paint can act as a barrier to air and water, effectively preventing the casters from being oxidized.
In addition, for those industrial casters that have been rusted, they must be maintained in time. It is best to wipe it with a paper towel and store it in a dry place for a while, then paint it and put it back into service.