Nylon wheel characteristics and application characteristics


First, let us know what the nylon is. This nylon (PA) has certain characteristics such as wear resistance, high temperature resistance, mute effect, shock absorption effect and chemical resistance. The application of nylon (PA) materials is also extensive. Such as nylon rope, nylon cloth, nylon conveyor belt, nylon tent, nylon wheel and so on. Next, the Wantong casters will give you a general understanding of the characteristics of nylon wheels and the application fields of nylon wheels.

Above we also have explained the nylon, so the nylon wheel also has certain advantages in wear resistance, high temperature resistance, quiet effect, shock absorption effect, chemical resistance and other characteristics. It is precisely because of the nylon wheel that it has the above advantages, so the use of nylon wheels in various fields is also very extensive.

For example, the flatbed inside the trolley, using nylon wheels, can greatly improve the smoothness of the trolley on the flat and sand, while the nylon wheel also has the effect of quiet, smooth, good feel, and the nylon wheel has smooth surface and no burr. It will also make the trolley achieve the best results when it is used. Of course, the application of nylon wheels is far more than just these.