Industrial casters in three different sizes


Industrial casters can be divided into three types: small casters, medium-sized casters, and heavy-duty casters. According to the size of the wheels, there are many specifications. The following small series will introduce you in detail!
Small industrial casters, 1-3 inches in size, generally single load of 10-50KG, suitable for furniture, mobile chassis, freezer, light industrial equipment, kitchen equipment, light shelves, food conveying equipment, various medium-sized mechanical and electrical equipment, etc. Nylon and polyurethane are widely used.
Medium-sized industrial casters, 3-5 inches in size, around 100-150KG, generally in the electronics industry, kitchen equipment, medical equipment, electronic equipment, logistics handling, food distribution equipment, light shelves, medium-sized electromechanical and various needs to move Machinery, the application field is very extensive.
Heavy industrial casters, 4-8 inches in size, with a single load of 280-420KG, heavy duty shelves, logistics handling, turnover vehicles, trolleys, warehousing logistics, electronics industry, kitchen equipment, electronic equipment, food distribution equipment, heavy duty Electromechanical and a variety of heavy machinery that needs to be moved, the application field is very wide.