Industrial caster production process and process


With the passage of time, industrial casters are now increasing in the caster market, which may also be the market demand to adapt to different needs of customers. The industrial caster production process is the same whether it is now or in the past, whether it is a new product or an old product. Industrial casters are generally divided into two parts, plastic and hardware. These two parts have different production processes.
1. Injection molding part
Baking-Unloading-Injection-Output-Pruning-Cooling-Loading Bearing
2, the hardware part
Open embryo-embossing-drilling-forming-outside (heat treatment-electroplating)
After the two parts are completed, they will be integrated into the assembly workshop for assembly and packing. At this point, the production of casters is completed! Industrial casters are strictly operated in accordance with the above production processes and processes. Each caster is produced through one layer of testing to the standard before entering the next process, in order to make an industrial caster that really makes you worry.
With the continuous development of modern science and technology, casters have been involved in all walks of life, according to the needs of different industries, constantly inventing all kinds of casters to adapt to the current environment, so casters have become an indispensable part, the development of casters It has become a special industry.