How to choose super heavy industrial casters


The emergence of ultra-heavy industrial casters gives people special help in handling work. With the rise of the industrial revolution in modern times, more and more equipment needs to be moved, and all walks of life are almost inseparable from industrial casters. With the continuous development of technology, industrial casters have become indispensable parts. Industrial casters are suitable for use in wet and corrosive areas with a wide range of flexibility and resistance.
The installation height of industrial casters refers to the bottom line of the caster. The middle distance of the bracket is the vertical line of the middle rivets. The radius is the interval between the vertical line of the middle rivets and the outer edge of the tire. The reasonableness of turning the radius directly affects the industry. The age of application of the casters. The standard of the dynamic negative load of the industrial casters and the test pattern of the workshop vary, and the key is whether the layout and quality of the bracket can resist shock and vibration.
The weight of the industrial casters can be absorbed in the static state, and the equipment can bear the load-bearing capacity of the high-temperature casters when the equipment is impacted or vibrated. This is why the casters are used according to the load capacity of the industrial casters. The reason for transporting goods is that the radius over-conducting will increase the difficulty of steering. If it is too large, the wheel will be shaken and the life will be shortened. The greater the wheel, the better the driving flexibility, but on the unacceptable ground, the soft wheels are labor-saving.