Industrial caster maintenance method


With the continuous improvement of modern industrial manufacturing technology, the manufacturing technology of industrial casters has been continuously improved. Today's industrial casters have already had quite good firmness and strength, and also have shock-absorbing functions, and even equipped with electronic equipment. Electronic control of equipment and instruments. Of course, even if the manufacturing technology of industrial casters is developed and the service life is extended, it will eventually lead to failure or damage during actual use. Once there is a problem with the use, we need to master a certain maintenance method, the following introduces one or two:
First, the maintenance of industrial casters should check the driving situation of the casters, and the driving situation of the casters directly reflects the overall quality. If there is abnormal noise in the caster during driving, there may be a large friction at the joint. If there is vibration, there is a problem with the bearing. If there is a blockage, it may indicate that there may be foreign matter entangled between the shafts.
Second, check the wear of the wheel surface of the industrial casters. The degree of wear on the tire surface can reflect the environmental conditions of the place of use. For example, whether the ground has sharp materials or iron wire ropes, etc. If necessary, the bearing sleeves can be placed for the industrial casters.