Proper use of industrial casters


If we use industrial casters, we should pay less attention. It is easy to cause damage to industrial casters, which will greatly reduce the service life of industrial casters. Therefore, the correct method of using industrial casters is mastered. It will have a good impact on the life of industrial casters. The following methods of use can cause wear, deformation, deterioration, and damage to industrial casters.
1. Please do not exceed the maximum load of the industrial casters. The use of overload will cause accidents.
2. Do not use industrial casters in special environments such as acid, alkali, salt, oil and water.
3. Please forcibly transfer the industrial casters without the brake pads braking the wheels.
4. Please do not walk on the ground with high or low difference or significant unevenness.
5. Do not use in special places where temperature and temperature are extreme. (such as steam room, cold storage special environment).
6. Please do not hit the brake pad with a hammer. Press the [ON/Separate] part of the brake pad and release the brake.
7. Please do not use it for a long time under the trailer and traction operation.
8. Please do not park industrial casters on inclined ground.。