Heavy industrial caster features and buying skills


The wheel diameters of heavy-duty casters are relatively large. The larger the diameter of the wheels, the more labor-saving, and the better protection of the ground, because the force area is relatively large, and the large casters are not prone to heat deformation under slow moving conditions. At the same time, it will be more durable, although it is better to choose a larger heavy-duty caster as much as possible. However, if there is a certain requirement for the moving speed, in a normal temperature environment, in the case of a ground platform, do not exceed five kilometers and one hour, and also consider external conditions such as ground materials, obstacles, iron filings, etc., under special circumstances. Use, including low temperature, with a certain chemical corrosive environment, etc., it should be better to choose casters made of special materials.
The rotating plates of heavy-duty casters are also special. They usually use double-layer rigid-ball track, which has been stamped, heat-treated, etc., but for heavy-duty heavy-duty casters, more spherical ball bearings are used at this time. Or flat needle roller bearings.
Heavy-duty casters are best able to work with well-known manufacturers, because good brands or companies can provide more quality-assured products, so that consumers can be more assured.
There are many things to be aware of when purchasing heavy-duty casters. For the first time, many friends may not be able to cover everything. If you want to better understand the characteristics and uses of heavy-duty casters, you can ask the manufacturer. Many manufacturers have specialized consulting departments that can provide targeted advice to customers, and also help customers find more suitable products.