What are the uses of heavy industrial casters?


Nowadays, the classification of industrial casters is more detailed, with more product designs. For consumers, they can make better screening according to actual needs. Heavy-duty industrial casters, as the name implies, are those with relatively large carrying capacity. According to the bearing capacity of the casters, in general, the heavy duty industrial casters on the market today range from 500 kg to 15 tons. Of course, according to the special needs of users, many manufacturers can also provide casters with higher loads, but Need special customization.
In today's many industries, heavy-duty industrial casters are used. In warehouses and factories, the handling of goods is frequent and the load is relatively heavy. In order to make the transportation process smooth, the casters and the wheel carriers are selected at this time. It needs to be more cautious. Generally speaking, if you are carrying heavy cargo and considering the long walking distance, you should choose the heavy-duty industrial casters and thick steel plates (between 8 and 12 mm) to cut and weld the wheel frames. The movable wheel frame can use flat ball bearings, which can make up for the inflexible movement of the heavy-duty casters, and can also improve the load-bearing capacity and impact resistance of the casters.
The heavy industrial castors on the market also have their own special characteristics compared with other casters. Generally speaking, the wheels of heavy industrial casters will use hard tread single wheels with better hardness, such as nylon wheels, cast iron wheels, forged steel wheels, etc. These casters are ideal choices, which are also based on actual needs. Because of their high load-bearing capacity requirements, they need to be equipped with higher hardness materials. Among them, forged steel wheels and polyurethane rubber wheels are especially suitable for Supporting wheels for extra heavy industrial casters.