Perfection of industrial caster welding process


Welding is a common process for manufacturing industrial casters. Generally speaking, two or more materials are combined by different welding methods to become casters. At present, there are mainly two types of welding methods: manual welding and automatic welding. The process used is CO2 protection welding, which protects the metal droplets in the welding process and the intrusion of harmful gases from the outside by a mixture of argon and carbon dioxide. The mixed gas argon gas accounts for 30% and carbon dioxide accounts for 70%.

In order to make the best quality caster plant, the welding process for the professional production of industrial casters has been re-established and perfected. The various dimensions of the caster after welding have been strictly regulated, including welding orientation and steering.

The welding current, voltage, wire diameter, welding speed, wire extension length, etc. are strictly examined, so that each wheel bracket meets the quality requirements after welding. In addition, we also carried out load tests on the wheels according to these, and the durability of the wheels after the test was significantly improved.