Materials and characteristics of medical industrial casters


When installing super heavy-duty casters, it is necessary to determine the installation height of the casters. This installation height refers to the distance between the installation position from the ground to the casters. The casters are different according to different diameters. When the caster is installed, it is the largest distance from the bottom plate of the installed caster to the side of the wheel. This distance is also the vertical distance, so that the calculated distance can be more accurate.
The bread wheel is now used in a wide range of applications, because in many cases the materials we transport are very heavy. If it is difficult to do with human resources, it is necessary to transport them with some tools for transporting casters. So now we can see the application of casters in many places. In the hospital, industrial casters are the most widely used, and there are likely to be some bad effects, and this method is also a waste of time. .
Therefore, the role of the medical casters is very large, because the quality of the casters directly affects the safety of the patient. There are certain requirements when selecting the casters. The materials of the casters are required to be light and flexible, and they need to be more flexible and material. The flexibility should be relatively large, so that it can be more convenient when used in a hospital, and is more suitable for the hospital environment.