Tips for installing polyurethane casters


It is not difficult to install polyurethane casters. I will teach you a skill. The casters have universal wheels and directional wheels. The correct installation method has a great influence on the use of polyurethane casters. There are often many friends who are confused. Why are the trolleys always running around and unable to control the direction? In fact, this is the result of a wrong installation.
In general, we can roughly divide the equipment that needs to install polyurethane casters into two categories: one is the handling equipment for material turnover, such as trolleys, logistics trolleys, etc.; the other is just for the convenience of movement, but the movement is not Frequent equipment, such as furniture, instruments, industrial equipment, etc., we can simply call it a mobile device.
Mobility devices are not easy to adjust due to their small amount of movement, short moving distance, and their own weight is not very large. Therefore, four universal wheels are generally installed to make it easier to turn during the moving process, making it easier to adjust the placement. angle.
Usually, the handling equipment has a large load capacity. In order to better grasp the moving direction, we can install two universal wheels and two directional wheels. The universal wheel plays a role of steering, and the directional wheel makes manual control. The less than one end does not turn around. It should be noted that the universal wheel is to be installed at the end of the manual control.