The load of polyurethane casters is different under different working conditions.




Under different working conditions, the load of polyurethane casters is different. Polyurethane casters are used in many places, such as carts, scaffolding, medical casters, factories, workshops, etc. Many different places will use polyurethane casters, but different The casters that should be chosen in the place will be different. What problems should you pay attention to when buying polyurethane casters in these different industries?

The load capacity determines the weight of the load, the size of the wheel, and also affects the rotation of the polyurethane casters. Therefore, when choosing a polyurethane caster, you should know that your industry should use the weight of the wheel for purchase. For example, the smaller wheels in the catering industry corridor will affect the operation of the cart. For example, some casters used in workshops should be heat-resistant and cold-resistant.

Polyurethane casters ensure the reliability of operation, and the maintenance, maintenance and abnormalities of the bearings are often treated to improve productivity and economy. Maintenance is best carried out in accordance with the operating standards of the mechanical operating conditions, the universal wheel is carried out regularly. The contents include bearings, monitoring of operating conditions, bearing replenishment or replacement of lubricants, and periodic disassembly inspections.