Analyze the production standards of polyurethane casters


Polyurethane caster definition: the wheel is mounted on a bracket with an eccentricity. The bracket is free to rotate about a vertical geometrical axis. Polyurethane casters are divided into flat type, screw type and plug type according to the installation method. Brakes for polyurethane casters: The brake wheels are divided into one-way brake wheels and two-way brake wheels.
Analyze the production standard of polyurethane casters. It is usually used for two types of casters. For example, the structure of the trolley is the front two directional wheels, and the rear side is close to the push armrests are two polyurethane casters. Adding a brake device to the universal structure becomes a universal brake brake caster, which is convenient for the device to stop at a certain state.
With the continuous development of modern science and technology, casters have been involved in all walks of life, according to the needs of different industries, constantly inventing all kinds of casters to adapt to the current environment, so casters have become an indispensable part, the development of casters It has become a special industry. Even the use of casters can be seen to a certain extent in a developed city, the more developed the city, the wider the use of casters.