Determine the selection direction of the polyurethane casters according to the weight of the moving


According to the weight of the moving object, the selection direction of the polyurethane caster is determined. When we use the caster for moving the item, we want to save a lot of effort for ourselves, so we also need it to be very flexible. Sex, only in this way, can we get a lot of strength when using, but often there are some casters that show a lot of bulkiness.
Of course, it is often necessary to consider the weight of the moving items, and then decide which casters to use. If the items are low, then you must choose a flexible product, because it is small, so the quality is lighter. Naturally, the most fundamental performance is naturally more labor-saving.
But you can't ignore the weight of moving items because of the labor saving. For some large weight items, it is difficult for small casters to reach its adaptability when moving. It is because of this that it will finally show it. The difference, and when we choose the casters, we must first notice the weight of the items we want to move. There are a lot of employees in a polyurethane caster factory. Different employees are responsible for different stages of polyurethane caster production. For example, some people are hot-rolled polyurethane casters on this production line, and some people are on the production line of cold-drawn polyurethane casters, but Regardless of his production line, the final polyurethane casters must be the true face of a qualified polyurethane caster factory. Everything is a manufacturer. Like a mobile phone, different brands of mobile phones have different manufacturers. In fact, they are equivalent products. Production area.
Nowadays, there are many different manufacturers of polyurethane casters used in life, but it is famous to be famous. Of course, Shandong has a large number of polyurethane caster factories that do not know how many large and small, and a large number of polyurethane casters are also in the factory. Unconsciously, it is driving the forward development of Chinese industry, and it also satisfies the market demand for polyurethane casters.
When using the casters, the user should recognize the bearing components of the casters and their supporting products, and select the casters with suitable loads for use. Before using the pre-measured amount of the required load, the selected casters and their supporting goods should carry more than 1.5 times the load carrying weight. For different applications, choose different casters: different casters have different physical and chemical properties. The materials of the casters are different. The environment in which the applications are used is different, which will result in different life spans of the casters. When using the casters, the user should understand the proper use of the casters to avoid unnecessary loss. Useful maintenance of casters: The user should regularly maintain the working parts of the casters.