The height of the installation of polyurethane casters needs attention.


The installation height of polyurethane casters needs attention. The surface treatment of polyurethane caster brackets is generally galvanized and black lacquered. In the market, you usually see two kinds of bracket colors: silver and black. Silver is electroplated and coated with a layer of zinc to make the color of the bracket silver; black is sprayed with black oil to make the color of the bracket silver.
Double bearings are more stable than single bearings and single bearings rotate faster. The double bearing is applied to high-end products, and the stability, quiet effect and bearing capacity are stronger than single bearings. The single bearing is a simplified version of the double bearing. Although the performance is not comparable to the double bearing, it is cost-effective compared to other bearings. If you want to save costs, you can use a single bearing.
Foreign commonly used side brakes, domestic use of double brakes. The design of the side brake is more user-friendly, suitable for many equipments, and the price is relatively cheap; the shape of the double brake is more beautiful, and the installation height needs to pay attention to the "installation height" requirement.
Iron-containing wheels are more resistant to corrosion than other wheels? No, the regular wheels produced by regular polyurethane casters are tested by salt spray. In line with national standards, you buy iron core wheels and the price is more expensive.