Those behaviors will affect the performance of polyurethane casters


It is forbidden to bake polyurethane casters, which will affect the performance. When moving and moving, check the printing casters before use.

Casters used for a long time aging, coupled with the erosion of chemicals, causing rotten rubber to drop "slag", such casters are best not to use, otherwise seriously affect the quality of printed products. In order to ensure that production and printing quality are not affected, there must be spare ink rollers, but do not store too much to avoid aging. The casters are stored in the same environment as the blankets. In addition, the casters should be straight and straight at the journal, and the surfaces should not touch each other or contact other objects to avoid deformation of the casters.

Casters should not be stored in close proximity to large motors and generators. Because the large amount of ozone generated by these devices will cause the caster surface to age and crack. When the weather is cold, the ink is not evenly distributed. It is appropriate to add auxiliary materials to the ink. It is forbidden to bake the ink casters with equipment such as infrared heaters to prevent oxidation of the casters. Prohibition of baking of polyurethane casters can affect performance.