Industrial casters for speed requirements


Industrial casters are widely used in trolleys, mobile scaffolding, workshop trucks, etc. Under the effect of ensuring normal operation, in addition to considering its own structure and carrying capacity, there are certain requirements for the speed of industrial casters. Next, I will come to a brief introduction for you.
When using casters, we need to consider the mode of use, the functions required, the conditions used (scope of use), and then choose the appropriate type. Need to pay attention to the following matters: First, the proper bearing load, the product carried may refer to the general bearing easy to move, manual operation on a flat ground, generally a long-term load handling work in a safe state, the need to estimate the pre-carrying items The total weight is then based on the casters that are allowed to load the weight. Usually it will appear on 4 casters and only 3 are highlighted. When using casters of different sizes, the weight of the whole machine should be calculated based on the low load casters.
Regarding speed, the requirement for caster speed is that it works at a flat speed on a flat ground at a flat speed at normal temperature.。The diameter of the wheel is less than 2 km / h, less than 75 mm, and 4 km / h below 100 mm. According to the specific installation of the casters, the diameter, material and installation method of the casters, such as steel plate installation, screw fixing, etc., and the type of casters (such as flexible rotation, fixed type and stop type) are determined. In short, according to the existing casters or various models, after fully balancing, the appropriate industrial casters should be selected.
No good, only suitable, it is recommended that users should compare their actual situation and make more comparisons. Industrial casters recommend that users need to know some of the casters before purchasing the casters in order to play the role of casters.