Introduction to the use and performance of polyurethane rubber


1. The application of wear resistance is superior to other rubbers. Compared with steel, under dry friction conditions, her volume loss is about 6-7 times higher than that of steel, but if it is in polyurethane rubber roller and contact Between the addition of lubricant: water, oil or other solvents, changing the working conditions to lubrication friction, the polyurethane rubber roller wear resistance is better than steel. For example: battery trolleys, farm transport vehicles, crane solid tires. The cross section of the polyurethane solid tire is not easy to wear because of its good tear resistance and wear resistance. Compared with the steel wheel, its hardness is smaller, so its friction is also smaller. In addition, the load capacity and service life of the polyurethane tire are 4-5 times larger than that of the rubber solid tire. Due to the small deformation, the rolling of the polyurethane tire The loss is also small.

2. Application of oil resistance It can be used to make printing rubber rollers, oil seals, oil rings and valve cushions. It can also be used for making O-rings, V-rings, piston cups and other natural rubber. Sealing ring Polyurethane sealing ring has a series of valuable characteristics, high strength, high pressure resistance, and can withstand high liquid pressure, while the sealing ring does not bend, low temperature fluidity is small, compression deformation is also small, so it can be used as low pressure. seal.

3. Application of cushioning performance As a cushioning material, it has been widely used in famous products and military products. Polyurethane rubber has the fastest increase in modulus of elasticity at 20 to 30 degrees and the highest amplitude. In this temperature range, urethane rubber acts as a dynamic buffer material, and after being subjected to stress, the part can rapidly heat up and restore elasticity. Polyurethane rubber has high hardness and high elasticity, and has good cushioning properties. Therefore, it can be used as a universal mold pad material for sheet metal press processing. In addition, special bending, punching, and embossing belt energy can be applied.

4. The application of low friction coefficient The friction coefficient of polyurethane rubber is generally high, but the addition of disulfide molybdenum or silicone oil and other additives will be greatly reduced, and the wear resistance is further improved, becoming a self-lubricating material. . Such urethane rubber products are extremely useful for vibration or sliding, and can be used for motor couplings and automobile bearing seals, lift sliding wheels and transmission parts, and the like.