Advantages of composite polyurethane insulation board


(1) There will be no condensation inside the exterior wall of the building. Dew condensation inside the wall or inside the insulation layer is harmful. During the drying process of the new wall or under the winter conditions, the water with high indoor temperature migrates to the outside due to the barrier of the rigid polyurethane. It is impossible to condense inside. When the indoor humidity is low and the indoor wall is in a good condition, the condensation caused by the wet migration of water vapor in the wall can be avoided.

(2) Polyurethane composite panels can withstand the harshest local climate and its changes. No matter whether it is high temperature or cold weather, it will not cause irreversible damage or deformation of the external thermal insulation system, and the temperature of the outer surface of the outer wall will change drastically, for example, after a long period of exposure, it will suddenly drop the shower, or cover it after exposure. If the temperature is similar to the above temperature difference, the surface of the external wall will not cause damage. This avoids surface deformation caused by surface temperature changes and cracks on the surface.

(3) Water resistance is good. Polyurethane composite board has excellent waterproof and vapor barrier properties. The material does not contain water and has low water absorption. It can well block the penetration of water and water vapor, and maintain a good and stable thermal insulation of the wall. Insulation materials are difficult to achieve. The surface of the polyurethane composite board has no joints, peri-holes, and around the door and window openings, so that it has good waterproof performance and avoids the danger of rainwater entering the interior.