New polyurethane rubber wheel key maintenance method


1. Grinding and polishing: The key to determining the dimensional accuracy and surface area of ​​the polyurethane rubber wheel, especially the arc treatment of the alcohol water roller. The rubber surface looks smooth, but under a high magnification magnifier, there are many small bumps and depressions. These raised and recessed portions increase the surface area of ​​the urethane rubber wheel, making it superior in ink transfer and transfer properties.

2. Ensure the lubrication of the bearings and shaft seats of the polyurethane rubber wheel. Before all the polyurethane rubber wheel machines are installed, the outer surface of the polyurethane rubber wheel bearings and the polyurethane rubber wheel bearing sleeves and brackets on the machine should be coated with lubricating grease to minimize the reduction. The small amount of rotational impact friction between them due to the pulsing of the ink roller.
In addition, if the alcohol dampening solution is used, the pressure relationship of the water roller is particularly carefully adjusted to prevent the service life from being lowered due to passive driving. 3. Curing: By warming and pressing and vulcanization treatment, the speed-increasing agent is stabilized, so that the rubber is reduced to a minimum when subjected to external force. The soft and ductile compound is made into a solid material with a certain degree of softness, which is more suitable for ink transfer and transfer.

3. Standard adjustment of water, ink roller pressure Water, ink roller after installation on the machine, we must strictly adjust their respective pressure. The pressure is too light, which may lead to poor water transfer and poor ink transfer. If the pressure is too heavy, the friction between the roller and the roller will be artificially increased, and the ink roller will heat up and increase the extrusion expansion between the polyurethane rubber wheels. To accelerate the aging of the wrinkles, and the quality of the products will be affected, the harm is self-evident. When the operator changed the polyurethane rubber wheel, the pressure between the hard roller and the polyurethane rubber wheel was adjusted too much, so that just after starting a shift, the new polyurethane rubber wheel was cracked and scrapped.