How does a polyurethane caster play a transitional role?


When using casters, the appropriate load-carrying load is the load on the flat ground, the general carrying capacity when transported by manual operation, and the ability to perform long-term work processing. It is necessary to estimate the total weight of the load-bearing object in advance, and then according to the allowable Load the right polyurethane casters.

Can increase friction and reduce looseness or sloshing. In a normal temperature environment, at a height not higher than the walking speed, on a flat ground, the general use condition is to stop the working state. The bolts can be selected from hexagon socket head bolts or semi-round head bolts, which can be selected according to the requirements or specifications of the aluminum profile.

Industrial polyurethane casters 75 mm or less in diameter, 2 km/h or less, 100 mm or less, 4 km/h or less. Determine the wheel diameter, material, and installation method of the casters according to the specific equipment for installing the casters. According to the existing industrial polyurethane casters or various types of choices, weigh the right industrial casters.

In fact, the installation of heavy-duty casters on the aluminum frame is relatively simple, as long as it is bolted to the aluminum profile, no need for nuts. Polyurethane casters are widely used in the industry or at home, but some casters are easy to rust, some are difficult to rust, casters in dry places are not easy to rust, but in wet places The working polyurethane casters are prone to rust; they are directly exposed, and the casters in the air are also prone to rust.