Why do the products of polyurethane casters rust?


Water and oxygen are the causes of easy rusting of the casters. Under the condition of water or oxygen alone, the casters will not rust. Only oxygen and water will react with the casters to form an oxidizing substance. The caster rust is A brown-red material that is not as hard as a caster and can easily fall off. After the polyurethane casters are completely rusted, the volume can be increased by 8 times.

If the polyurethane caster rust is not removed in time, the caster will rust faster because it absorbs moisture easily.

Only three of the four polyurethane casters were subjected to forces. When using different sizes of polyurethane casters, the overall large load capacity is calculated based on the casters with low load bearing capacity. Casters in wet locations are more likely to rust than casters in dry locations because casters in wet locations are more susceptible to water contact than casters in dry locations, and painted caster products are not easy. Rusting is because the paint acts as a barrier to air and water.