Several practical methods for reducing the friction of polyurethane casters


Serious damage or slackening of rubber tires may lead to rolling instability, air leakage, abnormal load, and damage to the bottom plate. Replacement of damaged tires and bearings in time can reduce the cost of downtime caused by caster damage. Applying grease to the wheel seals and the frictional parts of the roller bearings reduces friction and makes the rotation more flexible. Lubrication is normally carried out every six months under normal conditions. The wheels should be lubricated after the monthly cleaning. The wheels are visually inspected for wheel wear. The wheel is not smooth and is related to debris such as fine red rope.

The load-bearing capacity of the casters is also called the dynamic load. The dynamic load of the casters varies according to the test method of the factory. It also differs depending on the materials of the wheels. The key is whether the structure and quality of the brackets can resist impact and shock. Steering: Hard, narrow wheels are easier to turn than soft, wide wheels. The radius of rotation is an important parameter for the rotation of the wheel. Too short a radius of rotation increases the difficulty of steering. If it is too large, it will cause the wheel to sway and shorten its life.

The function of the wheels cannot be changed and is not affected by the installation. The rotating axle must always be vertical. The purpose of the casters is to facilitate transportation. For example, it is used for indoors, various equipments that need to be transported in buildings, and various types of handling machines. It is a reinforcement of the manual. Please observe the following principles: The casters to be used should be based on their use. Ways and conditions.

Use it properly and install it correctly. The balance of the casters is very important, so it is very important to consider the specific bearing range requirements. The load capacity of the polyurethane casters is limited. Therefore, the corresponding cargo transport weight should also be considered. Try not to exceed the load-bearing range of the polyurethane casters themselves.