What are the methods for preventing the oxidation of polyurethane casters?


Numerous studies have shown that water and oxygen are the main causes of rust in industrial polyurethane casters. In a humid environment, water volatilizes in the air and chemically reacts with the appearance of industrial polyurethane casters to form an oxide film, commonly known as polyurethane caster rust. Polyurethane caster rust is brownish red, with low density, large volume and easy to fall off. If not handled in time, the entire industrial polyurethane casters may be rusted and become chips.

Industrial polyurethane caster attachments prevent fibers or other materials from wrapping around the polyurethane casters. With industrial polyurethane caster attachments, the wheels are flexible and free to rotate without fear of entanglement. For brakes, industrial polyurethane caster attachments can be mounted to the polyurethane caster bushings and the brakes can be operated by hand or foot. It can also be made in the form of double brakes, which can lock the steering and fix the wheels. It is convenient and quick.