Talking about two aspects of high-end industrial casters




Industrial caster industry competition is increasingly inclined to low-cost and low-cost competition. Due to the low threshold of the industrial caster industry, small enterprises in the industrial caster market can be seen everywhere, and most of the materials are inferior and the technical level is unqualified. Under the new competitive pressure, the same boat plastic casters believe that the caster industry should be from the following two aspects,

First, abandon low-cost competition and focus on high-quality raw materials.

Because of vicious competition, industrial casters have long been in the vicious cycle of low-cost competition in order to occupy the market, causing many industrial casters to focus only on the production of low-end products, while ignoring the quality and durability of industrial casters.

Second, focus on talent introduction and product technology innovation.

From the market analysis, the reason for the long-term low-end reincarnation of the industrial caster industry lies in the lack of independent research and development of products. Industrial casters have a weak awareness of patent protection, and the phenomenon of technical plagiarism and infringement in the industry is serious. The technical cost invested by many enterprises is not worth the loss, which has severely hampered the enthusiasm of industrial casters for innovation, resulting in the intensification of low-cost competition for industry products.

Experts pointed out that if casters should take the road of high-end, the professional talent strategy should be relied upon. It provides a strong impetus for the development of the company, but the driving force is also the high quality of the caster products themselves.