How to reduce the wear of polyurethane caster brake pads?


In the daily use process, try to avoid improper use or long-term overload. When the industrial universal wheel cargo is heavy, it should be put on the vehicle to avoid the instantaneous load of the caster combination product due to the instantaneous gravity pressure. Overweight, which has a very bad influence on the caster equipment, will greatly affect the use of caster products. At the same time, if the rubber wheel products are forced to overload, then all kinds of transportation operations should be completed as soon as possible. In the transportation process, heavy objects should be able to select those roads with better road construction, because the bumpy environment will further aggravate the wear and tear of the casters.

If you do not pay more attention when using casters. It is easy to cause damage to the casters, which will greatly reduce the life of the casters. Therefore, the correct use of industrial casters to extend the life method. It will have a good impact on the life of the casters. The following methods of use can cause wear, deformation, deterioration, and damage to the casters.

Do not use in special places where temperature and temperature are extreme. (such as steam room, cold storage special environment). Please do not hit the brake pad with a hammer. Press the [ON/Separate] part of the brake pad and release the brake. Please do not use it for a long time under the trailer and traction industrial casters.

At this time, the casters also play a great role. Regular maintenance of the casters can effectively improve the working efficiency of the casters. In application, wear is an important aspect. Since the caster bracket is mostly made of metal, although the metal surface often has an anti-corrosion coating, the wear of the surface anti-rust layer will cause metal corrosion when the caster is in use.

Therefore, once a large area of ​​the rustproof layer is found to be detached, the rust preventive oil rust preventive paint can be applied. Different materials have different physical and chemical properties. The materials of industrial casters require different environments. The service life of casters will be different. The important part of the rotation function is that the running parts of the steel ball and the running parts of the bearings are often in In the friction state, regular lubrication and oiling can effectively maintain the lubrication state and reduce the wear of metal parts, thus greatly extending the service life of the universal wheel.

Please do not exceed the maximum load of the industrial caster instructions. Overloading may cause accidents. Do not use in special environments such as acid, alkali, salt, oil, or water. Please do not force the brakes while the brakes are on the wheels. Please do not walk on the ground with high or low differences or significant unevenness.