Specification of various nylon wheels


Various nylon wheels have the following classifications:
Large diameter payoff pulley use: for single conductor, double split conductor, four split conductor (intermediate wheel can be cast steel wheel or nylon wheel) Features: suitable for tension line. Ground wire release pulley: Suitable for extending the lightning protection line or spanning steel strands, both steel and MC nylon.
Cable special trolley:
1) For the display of OPGW composite ground cable or ADSS self-supporting optical cable, there is a small slot at the bottom of the wheel groove, which is specially designed for protecting the optical cable;
(2) The pulley of the pay-off pulley is die-casted by MC nylon material, and the outer skin of the optical cable is not damaged when the wire is released;
Model: CH-15; Rated load (KN): 40; Wheel outer diameter (mm): 660; Wheel bottom diameter (mm): 546; Wheel width (mm): 90; Applicable optical cable (mm): Φ5-Φ14. 05; own weight (kg): 30;
Model: CH-18; Rated load (KN): 50; Wheel outer diameter (mm): 830; Wheel bottom diameter (mm): 698; Wheel width (mm): 110; Applicable optical cable (mm): Φ15.08- Φ22; dead weight (kg): 37;