What factors depend on the weight of polyurethane casters?


Generally, the proper weight of the caster is suitable for supermarkets, schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, etc., because the floor is good, the products are smooth and light, (each caster bears 10-140kg). The electroplated wheel frame made of sheet steel (2-4mm) is selected. The wheel frame is light, maneuverable, quiet and elegant. This electroplated wheel frame is divided into double-row beads and single-row beads according to the ball arrangement. Use double-row beads when moving or handling frequently.

Casters should not be stored near large motors or generators. Because the large amount of ozone generated by these devices can cause the caster surface to age and crack. When the weather is cold, the ink is uneven, you can add auxiliary materials to the ink properly. It is prohibited to use infrared heaters and other equipment to bake the ink casters to prevent the casters from oxidizing. Prohibition of baking of polyurethane casters will affect performance.

Double bearings are more stable than single bearings, and single bearings rotate faster. Double bearings are used on high-end products, which have better stability, quieter effect and bearing capacity than single bearings. The single bearing is a simplified version of the double bearing. Although the performance is not comparable to the double bearing, it is more cost-effective than other bearings. If you want to save costs, you can use a single bearing.
The casters have been used for too long, and the erosion of chemicals has caused rotten glue to "slag". It is best not to use such casters, otherwise it will seriously affect the print quality. In order to ensure that it does not affect the production and printing quality, there must be a spare ink roller, but do not store too much to avoid aging. The storage environment of casters is the same as that of blankets. In addition, the casters should be set up straight at the journal, and the surfaces should not touch each other or other objects to prevent the casters from deforming.
In workshops, stacks, and other occasions, the goods are frequently moved and the load is heavy (each caster carries 280-420kg). It is appropriate to use a double-row ball frame stamped, hot-forged and welded with thick steel plates (5-6mm). If it is used to transport heavy objects such as textile workshops, automobile workshops, machine workshops, etc., due to the large load and long walk intervals of the old hands of the workshop (each caster carries 350-1200kg), it should choose to cut with thick steel plates (8-12mm) The rear welded wheel frame, the sports wheel frame uses flat ball bearings and ball bearings on the bottom plate, so that the casters can be subjected to heavy loads, rotating maneuvering, impact resistance and other effects.