Casters by actual use


1. Industrial casters: industrial wheels, divided into industrial rubber wheels, industrial rubber and plastic wheels, industrial PU wheels, etc., there are light industrial wheels, heavy industrial wheels and so on.
2. Casters are divided into civilian casters and industrial casters according to their use; they are divided into light casters, medium casters, heavy casters, extra heavy casters and special casters according to the load; they are divided into universal casters, directional casters, screw casters, etc. Brake casters (double brake casters, scaffold casters), shock-absorbing casters, etc .; can be divided into conductive casters, iron casters, plastic casters, stainless steel casters, high temperature resistant casters, polyurethane casters, nylon casters, rubber casters, all iron Casters, etc. According to the bearing is divided into bearing casters, needle casters and so on.3. Nylon wheels: including nylon casters, nylon gears, plastic nylon wheels, PU nylon wheels, iron core nylon wheels, nylon fork wheels, etc.
4. Universal wheels: including nylon universal wheels, PU universal wheels, rubber universal wheels, etc.
5. Polyurethane wheels (PU wheels): iron-core PU wheels, nylon PU wheels, plastic-core PU wheels, aluminum alloy PU wheels, skateboard PU wheels, active PU wheels, polyurethane fork wheels, PU damping casters, etc.
6. Rubber wheels: industrial rubber wheels, Nanjing wheels, inflatable wheels, mining wheels, iron core rubber wheels, plastic core rubber wheels, aluminum core rubber wheels, plywood rubber wheels, straight hole rubber wheels, dome rubber wheels, flat top rubber wheels Wait.
7. Cast iron wheels: all-iron wheels, industrial all-iron wheels, dome all-iron wheels, flat-top iron wheels, pulleys, track wheels, door wheels, etc.
8. Other products: Polyolefin, high temperature resistant phenolic wheel, Meryl wheel, antistatic wheel, artificial rubber wheel, forged steel wheel, V-groove wheel, pp wheel, pvc wheel, aluminum core wheel, etc.