How to choose the right size for swivel casters


1. Due to the first choice of caster wheels: general wheels, nylon, rubber, polyurethane, elastic rubber core package polyurethane, cast iron, plastic, etc. Nylon wheels Iron wheels Always use polyurethane wheels on the ground outside the room to travel. Can you handle the application of elastic rubber tires, actual stations, medical equipment, wooden floors, tile air, walking noise, small quiet air travel; unyielding sky or Scrap iron and other materials in the air garden.
2. If you choose a caster bracket with a complete caster bracket: Generally, you should first consider load-bearing casters, such as supermarkets, homes, schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, etc., because the air is good, smooth, smooth and lighter (each The casters are loaded with 50-150 kg), when cut into 3-4mm steel plate stamping electroplated wheel frame, the wheel frame is light and innocent, quiet and beautiful. This electroplated wheel frame is divided into double row beads and single row beads arrangement. Balls, use double-row beads if they move or transport;
3. Total load-bearing casters: The skill of ordering the critical load of many casters must know the transport weight, maximum load and the number of single-wheel casters.
4, universal caster diameter: usually the larger the diameter of the wheel, the simpler the pushing load means that the larger can better take care of the ground without being damaged. The wheel diameter of the selected size should first consider carrying the weight Choice of van under thrust load.
5. The maneuverability of Baozheng wheels is greater. The single wheel moves harder. Needle roller bearings can carry heavier loads and move more resistance; single-wheel-mounted mass ball bearings can carry heavier loads more effectively. Scroll, smart flat.

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