Classification and characteristics of universal wheels


Divided by variety: ordinary universal wheel, spherical universal wheel, etc.

Divided by material: polyurethane caster, grey rubber caster, nylon caster, metal caster, etc.


It is suitable for installation, tables and chairs, bed cabinets, sofas and other furniture, as well as various industrial products such as trolleys, medical instruments, instruments, meters, etc. It is flexible, safe and reliable. With abrasion resistance, impact resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, no wheel printing on the road, protection of the floor, low noise and quiet performance.

The universal wheel is a so-called movable caster, and its structure allows horizontal 360-degree rotation. Casters are collectively referred to as movable casters and fixed casters. The fixed caster has no rotating structure, and cannot be rotated horizontally, but only vertically.
Casters are usually used together. For example, the structure of the trolley is two fixed wheels on the front side and two movable universal wheels on the rear side near the push armrest. The universal wheel has a wide range of load, wear resistance, impact resistance, high / low temperature resistance, heavy load, conductivity, antistatic, anti-aging, shock resistance, corrosion resistance, low noise and other properties.