How to effectively prevent casters from rusting


First of all, what are the factors related to caster rust? It can be found through practice that water and oxygen are the reasons that cause casters to rust. Water alone does not rust the casters. Only when the oxygen in the air is dissolved in the water, the chemical reaction between oxygen and the casters in the water environment will oxidize the casters and cause the casters to rust. Caster rust is a brown-red substance. It is not as hard as casters and easily falls off. After a piece of caster is completely rusted, the volume can be increased by 8 times. If the caster rust is not removed, it is particularly easy to absorb moisture, and the caster will rust faster.

Knowing the cause of caster rust can effectively prevent caster rust. In wet areas, casters are more susceptible to rust than in dry areas, because castors are more likely to come into contact with water in wet locations. The painted caster products are not easy to rust because the paint has the function of shielding air and water. Therefore, if you want to reduce the rust of the casters, you should cut off one of the conditions. You can apply paint on the casters to cut off the contact between the casters and the air. You can also dry the caster products like a kitchen knife and dry them after use, and put them in a dry place to cut off the contact between the casters and water. rust