Caster rivetable materials


In addition to the low-carbon steel rivets that can be riveted by casters, medium-carbon steel and stainless steel rivets can also be riveted by casters. Of course, copper and aluminum rivets are among the riveting ranges of polyurethane casters. For the selection of brackets and bearings for heavy-duty casters, usually the selection of a suitable caster considers the weight of the casters, such as supermarkets, schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels and other places.

Applicable industries: The cold-rolled caster riveting method can be widely used in precision machinery, textile equipment, steel furniture, construction hardware, high and low voltage electrical appliances, hardware tools, automobiles, motorcycle accessories and many other industries, especially in automobile door locks and wipers. Devices, brakes, clutches, rear door stays, door hinges, glass lifters, carburetor, hand brakes, steering ball joints, motorcycle shock absorbers and other auto and motorcycle accessories industries are more widely used.

The cold-rolled polyurethane caster riveting method allows the deformation of the rivet to follow the natural flow of the metal, does not reduce the notch impact toughness and ductility of the material, reduces the risk of excessive tangential tensile stress around the rivet pierhead, and the material has no broken fibers Flow can improve the carrying capacity of rivets. After performing destructive tests on the swivel cold-rolled caster riveting and traditional hammering and stamping polyurethane caster riveting test pieces, it is known that the joint strength produced by the cold-rolled polyurethane caster riveting method is about 80% higher than that of conventional polyurethane caster riveting.

In factories, warehouses and other places, the cargo is frequently moved and the load is heavy (280-420kg per caster). It is suitable to use double-row ball frames that are stamped, hot-forged and welded with thick steel plates (5-6mm). If it is used to transport heavy objects such as textile factories, automobile factories, machinery factories, etc., due to the heavy load and the long walking distance in the factory (each caster carries 350-1200kg), it should choose to cut with thick steel plates (8-12mm) The rear welded wheel frame, the movable wheel frame uses flat ball bearings and ball bearings on the bottom plate, so that the casters can withstand heavy loads, flexible rotation, impact resistance and other functions.

Due to the good floor, smooth and light goods to carry (each polyurethane caster carries 10-140kg), it is suitable to choose the electroplated wheel frame stamped and formed from sheet steel (2-4mm). The wheel frame is light, flexible and quiet. Also beautiful, this electroplated wheel frame is divided into double-row beads and single-row beads according to the ball arrangement. Use double-row beads when moving or handling frequently.