Comprehensive analysis of the purchase of industrial casters




The invention of the industrial casters, although ordinary and inconspicuous, has truly changed the form of labor in human society. The application of casters in trolleys and flatbeds has completely changed the hard work of human shoulders and carrying short-distance cargo movements, freeing the labor force. Four aspects of industrial casters can not be underestimated:

1, industrial casters impact capacity: industrial casters instantaneous load capacity. It is generally the load when the load is impacted or vibrated. Mainly, the structure and quality of the bracket support impact resistance and shock.

2, caster load: due to the different materials of industrial casters, the ability of industrial casters in the operation of the load. According to the daily work needs of customers.

3, industrial caster rotation diameter: the angle of the rotation radius directly affects the speed, stability and service life of industrial casters.

4. Caster flexibility: The construction of industrial caster brackets, the material of industrial casters, the structure and diameter of industrial casters, and the friction of the road surface affect the flexibility of industrial casters.