Multi-angle analysis of the climbing ability and load-bearing capacity of polyurethane casters


Rectangular bracket, assembled with 4 universal wheels and 2 steering wheels. 2 universal wheels arranged in front, 2 universal wheels in the back, 2 directional wheels in the middle, this arrangement uses 6 polyurethane casters, and its excellent load carrying capacity can be seen from the number, plus the front , Rear universal wheel, also in terms of steering ability. It is suitable for long-distance transportation of heavy equipment on rough ground. It can also move stably on the surface.

Among the six arrangements of industrial logistics polyurethane casters, there are two types of casters, one is a steering wheel that can rotate in 360 degrees, that is, a universal wheel, and the other is a steering wheel that cannot be rotated. The universal wheel helps you change direction as you move forward, and the steering wheel helps you better master your caster. How to use casters better, I will tell you below, this is a ten-year experience summary of brand polyurethane casters.

Triangle support, 1 universal wheel, 2 steering wheels. There is 1 universal wheel in the front and 2 steering wheels in the back. This device is suitable for medium light equipment, suitable for low center of gravity equipment, the direction is easy to control. This is also an economically stable arrangement. Suitable for short distance transportation. Assemble 2 steering wheels and 2 universal wheels. There are two arrangements: one is a 20,000-wheel, the other is a 2-way wheel.

The three universal wheels of the triangle bracket are triangular. This arrangement is more suitable for the processing of barrels or small equipment, and has good sports performance. In addition, the triangular support is an economically stable arrangement. It is more flexible than 4 universal wheels, and the stability will not lose 4 universal wheels. For small devices, this is a good choice. Suitable for short distance transportation.